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Beauty boss Jeffree Star has done it again with his recent launch of the Blue Blood collection. The collection includes liquid lipsticks, liquid highlighters, and the amazing Blue Blood palette. The palette smashed all beauty lovers’ expectations and was an overnight success, trending #1 in the US on Twitter.

It’s now sold out on Jeffree Star Cosmetics and on Beauty Bay in the UK. But, we managed to get our hands on one! So, to celebrate the launch, we’re giving away a Blue Blood palette to one of our amazing followers. If you’d like to be the lucky person to own this palette, keep reading to find out how to enter!

How Can You Enter Our Blue Blood Palette Giveaway?

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  2. Follow the steps under the post which will be to like the post, follow us and tag a bestie.

How Can You Get Additional Entries?

Just share, share, share any post about the giveaway including this blog post. And, signup to our app on iOS or Android.

Why the Blue Blood Palette Is a Must-have for Any Collection?

The palette is a sequel to the cult-fave Blood Sugar palette. Both palettes make up the perfect makeup collection, with Blood Sugar consisting of warm, fiery shades and Blue Blood consisting of cool, icy tones. Both wildly opposite to each other, but stunning and unique in their own way.

Grav3yardgirl compares the two iconic palettes side-by-side and does an in-depth review of the cold-blooded palette.

Image Credit: Grav3yardGirl
Image Credit: Grav3yardGirl

Beauty junkies are proving the palette’s flexibility, from the vastly different looks that have been shared. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen before! The packaging itself is an art piece, resembling aspects of a coffin and a jewellery box keeping with Jeffree’s aesthetics. And, of course the palette is Vegan and Cruelty-free.

What Are the Shades?

There are eighteen stunning shades in the same layout as Blood Sugar. There’s just enough original cool-toned colours, leaving room for the staple nudes to create that ultimate cut-crease. And, the perfect matte black. It wouldn’t be Jeffree if he didn’t go the extra.

There’s a balanced mix of matte and metallic shades, all highly pigmented and super blendable. The palette is perfect for all types of icy, cosmic, everyday looks.

  • Cullinan – Metallic icy white.
  • Mintea – Mint matte
  • Crystal Flesh – Metallic champagne.
  • I’m Cold – Powder blue matte.
  • Untouchable – Peachy pink matte.
  • Priceless – Peachy nude matte.
  • Power – Slate grey matte with a blue undertone.
  • Blue Blood – Baby blue matte.
  • Deceased – Metallic azure blue.
  • Icy Tray – Metallic pale blue.
  • Blue Monday – Cobalt blue matte.
  • Flourishing – Neon teal matte.
  • Wealthy – Light nude matte.
  • Celebrity Skin – Soft brown matte.
  • Entitled – Metallic teal with glitter reflects.
  • Ocean Ice – Metallic sapphire with glitter reflects.
  • Cremated – Cool green matte with grey undertones.
  • Undertaker – Deep blue matte.

It’s NikkieTutorials Approved

NikkieTutorials, the queen of beauty, being a massive makeup junkie she admits that she just had to try it. Despite the fact her and Jeffree have had their differences in the past, Nikkie reassures that they sorted out their issues as adults and are now good. And, we’re glad they are because we get to see this stunning, drag inspired look.

Nikkie going all drag, using the brightest shades of blue. Nikkie raves about the formula, saying it’s “absolutely on point, everything is so pigmented, everything blends so easily and like a dream.”.

The only slight concern the beauty star had was how much space it took up to go travelling with, “it’s a bit bulky”. And, it might not be an everyday palette but a palette you indulge in at home when you want to play with colour and blues.

Overall, the palette was a hit, and one palette that won’t be forgotten about for a long long time. This is the perfect item to make any collection complete. Don’t forget to enter here for a chance at winning our most iconic giveaway yet.

Credit: Beauty Bay
Jeffree Star

Blue Blood Palette

An eighteen-colour eyeshadow palette. Displayed in an opulent mirrored case, Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette contains a variety of cool-toned matte and metallic shades.

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