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We’ve put together our Top 10 Most Successful Collabs between YouTube Beauty Gurus and Makeup brands.

No surprise that Morphe takes the top 3 spots with their most infamous product creations with Jaclyn Hill, Jeffree Star, and James Charles. Colourpop takes 2 places with Patrickstarrr and Shayla. Mac, Makeup Revolution, Ofra, and Artist Courtue take the remaining spots, making strides with collabs that have become global hits. Maybe Zoella x Colourpop collab might be on this list very soon. Check out how we used the free DashHound app to find out if Zoella really does love Colourpop.

  1. James Charles x Morphe
  2. Jeffree Star x Morphe
  3. Jaclyn Hill x Morphe
  4. Patricstarrr x Mac
  5. Shayla x Colourpop
  6. Kathleen Lights and Colourpop
  7. Nikkkietutorials x Ofra
  8. Sophdoesnails x Makeup Revolution
  9. Desi x Katy x Dose Of Colors
  10. Jackie Aina x Artist Couture

This blog post was originally written on February 23rd, 2019 and updated on April 15th, 2019. 

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Written by Helena Ford

Founder at DashHound. Using machine learning to empower beauty consumers to make efficient, infallible purchase decisions.