Social Media is the first place most of us go when researching what makeup to buy, turning to our favourite beauty gurus on Instagram or YouTube. We often follow more than one influencer, and each influencer can post on multiple platforms and channels. That’s an incredible amount of content to absorb, making it harder to find the product recommendations. Often, resulting in impulse buying from one Instagram post or resorting to reading reviews from strangers on retailer websites.

Introducing DashHound

What if there was an app that summarised an influencer, their content, and their product recommendations in a way that made discovering, researching, and buying beauty products so much easier? Well, meet DashHound – your personalised influencer dashboard that automatically hunts down these product recommendations for you.

We’re the first ever social commerce platform that applies Artificial Intelligence to influencer content to detect product recommendations. In one click you can see what products your influencers love most. You can see the original source, how often they’ve mentioned the product over time, and so much more. Ever wonder if they’ve been paid to recommend the product or if they’re still using the product a month after they’ve promoted it? Well, with the free DashHound app you can see just that. We add transparency to product recommendations from your influencers.

Smarter Makeup Choices

Just connect your YouTube account, and we’ll pull in your subscriptions and start tracking the people you follow right away. So, when you next watch a makeup tutorial just head on over to the DashHound app to check out the products – no more screenshotting or note-taking.

We’re two female developers that shared the same pain when it came to buying makeup – wasting far too much money on makeup we weren’t using. We decided to create DashHound because we believe there’s a lack of transparency in the beauty industry and feel DashHound can help others make smarter choices too.

Join us on this exciting journey, we’d love your constructive feedback to help us shape DashHound into an app that makes your shopping decisions easier.

Take a peek at the free app and let us know what you think, there’s never been an easier way to #shoptheirface.

This blog post was originally written on February 23rd, 2019 and updated on May 23rd, 2019. 

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Written by Helena Ford

Founder at DashHound. Using machine learning to empower beauty consumers to make efficient, infallible purchase decisions.