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Jess Glynne’s performance of her song Thursday at this year’s Brit Awards was by far the highlight of the night. This empowering song explores self-love beautifully.

During the performance, Jess Glynne stunned viewers when she, and a stage-full of real-women, removed their makeup and false lashes effortlessly.

This powerful performance highlighted the lyric “I won’t wear makeup on Thursday ’Cause who I am is enough”. The lesson here, is that we’re all beautiful, in our most natural form.

The FaceHalo Product

The Brits performance wasn’t alone in getting viewers talking. Also, viewers were left wondering how Jess Glynne removed all her makeup in under a minute, while singing. Fortunately, Chloe Morello took to Twitter to share the answer. And, that answer was…the fabulous FaceHalo.

The FaceHalo product is a great alternative to makeup wipes, it’s environmentally-friendly and effortlessly removes all makeup using only water. Just like in Jess Glynne’s Brits performance, removing her makeup, mid-performance, in under a minute.

The innovative remover pad, FaceHalo is now available to purchase at Beauty Bay in the UK. We can’t wait to get our hands on one!

Credit: Face Halo
Face Halo

The Modern Makeup Remover

Using only water, Face Halo traps and removes makeup for a deep clean and gentle exfoliation. Face Halo’s award-winning makeup remover is dual-sided and reusable, replacing up to 500 traditional makeup wipes.

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This blog post was originally written on February 23rd, 2019 and updated on April 15th, 2019. 

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Written by Helena Ford

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