Image Credit: Colourpop

This week, Colourpop announced their latest collab with Zoella, bringing us the most epic, Brunch-themed makeup collection we could want. But, some fans are questioning how this partnership came about. Using the free DashHound app we’ve got the tea, so keep on reading.

The Zoella x Colourpop Collection

The collection – launching on Feb. 27 exclusively on ColourPop’s website, includes eye shadows, pressed powders, liners, and lipsticks all inspired by Brunch items. The palette comes with 12 shades, each with a cute name like French Toast, Mimosa, and Sunny Side Up. The majority of the shades are neutral except for a single bright blue.

Zoella x Colourpop
Image Credit: Colourpop
Zoella x Colourpop
Image Credit: Colourpop
Zoella x Colourpop
Image Credit: Colourpop

The Drama

Colourpop are notorious for their collabs. In the past they’ve collaborated with YouTubers such as Kathleen Lights, Bretman Rock & Eva Gutowski. However, this latest collab with Zoella has left the fans torn. Some fans are questioning the partnership, while others can’t wait to get their hands on the products.

Zoella states on her Instagram that she’s been a fan of the brand for years.

Image Credit: @Zoella

“As most of you know, I’ve loved and used Colourpop for years (their eyeshadows and liquid lipsticks, in particular, are a staple for me) so I was delighted that they wanted to work with me on a collection!”

Since the Christmas Advent Calendar scandal, Zoella’s posted less often on YouTube and other social platforms. Zoella last posted on her main channel (with over 11m subscribers) over 7 months ago. However, she’s been more active on her secondary channel, dedicated to personal vlogs. So, it’s no surprise how shocked fans are to learn of this collab. Some are even questioning whether Zoella’s a genuine fan of Colourpop.

The Truth about Zoella’s Love for Colourpop

Well, with the help of the free DashHound app we’ve done our own research. Using the app we were able to find out whether or not Zoella uses Colourpop products. Out of the 27 videos we’ve tracked over the past year, there’s been 11 mentions of Colourpop! That’s almost half of her videos.

Here’s a playlist of all the mentions/uses of a Colourpop product the free DashHound app detected. Or, you can see them on Zoella’s page.

If you can’t wait to get this, Colourpop has free shipping for the first 48 hours of the launch. After that, shipping will resume to being free on orders over $50.

This collab could be Colourpop’s way of breaking into the UK. We’re excited about this new partnership, and hope it’s just their first of many with UK beauty gurus.

Colourpop x Zoella’s Promo Shoot:

Curious what other products Zoella or your favourite influencers are using? Then why not take a peek on the free DashHound app?

This blog post was originally written on February 22nd, 2019 and updated on April 18th, 2019. 

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